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Atlassian customers are waiting to use your apps!

Calling all Codegeist developers: Atlassian customers are waiting to use your apps!

You spent countless hours building an app that would solve a customer problem, so why not let it serve its purpose? But don’t take our word for it, here’s what Vincent Coval at Elements had to say:

“Listing your app on the Marketplace is a nice way to share what you’re proud of. I was surprised that not many Codegeist submissions were published because some of them were really interesting. It’s a bit of a shame: you build something and store it away. Listing your app on the

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And the winner is...

The judges have weighed in, and we're excited to share the news! 

This year over 3,600+ participants across 84 countries joined efforts to Forge the Future of Teamwork by building apps for Dev Ops, Business, and IT teams. 

Thank you to all who participated – your submissions blew us away yet again. 

Join us in congratulating all of the Codegeist 2022 participants for their contribution to the Atlassian developer community. 

The winners of Codegeist 2022 represent the best of the best across multiple categories, and we are thrilled to announce who took home this year's top prizes. Head over to…

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Amazing work!

Thank you all for participating in Codegeist 2022! 

It is amazing to see all of the great projects you built with Atlassian’s Forge platform. We have started reviewing projects and are already wowed with the creativity and effort. 

The review team is hard at work checking project requirements. After this review the judges will start the difficult task of scoring your projects starting November 3rd. To kick this off, we would like to introduce you all to some of our esteemed Judges.

Tim Pettersen, Head of Developer Experience

Allyce Mardesich, Head of Marketplace Partnerships

Caitlin McCurrie, Research manager, Economy Demand,…

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Are you going to make it?

You have less than 24 hours to submit your app! 

Try to do your best and double-check your submission. Better yet, ask someone you know for feedback.

Here is a checklist that we hope will help you out:

  • Did you create a Cloud app using Atlassian’s Forge platform that falls under one of the following categories: Apps for DevOps Teams | Apps for IT Teams | Apps for Business Teams?
  • Have you created a demo video? Is it around 3 minutes long, uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, set to public, easy to understand, and shows your app working? (Pro…

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Final call for submissions

Only 3 days left to enter your submission to Atlassian Codegeist 2022! 

Submissions are due October 31 at 5 PM ET. 

Submit today!

Don’t forget these commonly missed submission requirements:

  • Provide access to test your app (for example an installation link or access to a test instance). To create an installation link, follow the instructions to Start sharing your app.
  • Provide a URL to your Project code repository for judging and testing within your Submission. Access must be given by making your Project code repository public or by giving access to:
    • testing@devpost.com and codegeist@atlassian.com (GitHub)
    • testing@devpost.com and codegeist-bot@atlassian.com

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Winner shares all

How creative app building led Elements to win Codegeist 2021

Hear how Vincent and his team’s Codegeist submission led them to win first place in 2021. They highlight the efficiency of using constraints to your advantage. We hope you find inspiration for your project!

Read Vincent’s story and tips

This article covers how they think about: 

  • Being effective with constraints in app development
  • Using new frameworks to solve problems
  • Forming the app idea for Codegeist
  • The secret to a quality hackathon submission

Be sure to take advantage of their insight as a previous winner and read the full article here

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Code sharing requirement change

Some important changes to the requirements!

Your project’s entire code repository is now optional. Please still submit a repository, but it’s up to you as to what that repository contains. You can choose to include all of your app’s code, or your code with sensitive portions redacted, or just a Manifest, or a README.md describing your app’s general approach, or whatever you would like our judges to judge. 

NEW REQUIREMENT: Your app installation link. 

We now require an install link so that the review team and judges can test your app and verify it meets the eligibility criteria. The Devpost…

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Maximize your potential prize!

There are more opportunities to win in this hackathon beyond the categories…

10 X Feedback Prizes of $1,000 USD 

10 X Storytelling Prizes of $1,000 USD 

5 X Marketplace Prizes of $1,000 USD 

4 Best of Region Prizes of $5,000 (one per region) 

Up to 400 Atlassian Developer Swag Packs  

You can win up to 1 Swag Pack and either a Feedback or Storytelling prize. Your project can win up to 1 Grand Prize and either a Marketplace or Regional prize. 

That is a total of 4 prizes! But you need to put in the work. Here’s the deal:

  • By…

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Small update to sharing your code for judging

We have an important update about sharing access to your project code with the judges. 

Please allow the judges to access by either:

  1. Making your code repository public OR
  2. Sharing your private GitHub repository with testing@devpost.com and codegeist@atlassian.com OR
  3. [Changed] Sharing your private Bitbucket repository with testing@devpost.com and codegeist-bot@atlassian.com

NOTE  The sharing emails are different for GitHub and Bitbucket. If you have already shared your Bitbucket repository with codegeist@atlassian.com, please reshare with codegeist-bot@atlassian.com.

Please let us know if you have any questions by posting on the Atlassian Developer Community with tag Codegeist2022

Good luck!

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4 Tips to Find Momentum & Finish Strong

What’s better than dreaming about $300,000 in prizes - winning it! Here are four easy tips on how to get to the finish line and submit by October 31st.


  4 Tips to Find Momentum & Finish Strong
  1. An MVP is perfect
  2. Remember why you started
  3. Get inspired
  4. Make a plan

Read more…

  Atlassian is here to help
  • Need some step-by-step guidance? Check out our Forge tutorials.
  • Not able to find what you need in the docs? Ask a question in the Atlassian Developer Community – remember to use #codegeist22 when you post!
  • Haven't…

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Don’t Miss Out! Global Office Hours TODAY

Do you have any questions? Join us today - there are just a few weeks left to enter your submission to the Codegeist 2022.


If you haven't started a submission yet, please do so now. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. You can submit today and edit any time before the deadline
  2. Make sure all of your teammates are invited and have accepted their invitations to join your submission
  3. Your project will only be submitted if you complete and save each step in the submission form and click the ‘Submit project’ button before the deadline

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Need a little help? Chat with Atlassian devs at Office Hours!

Submissions are due October 31, 2022 at 5PM ET. 

Once you’ve started building your app, you may have technical questions for the Atlassian team. Join our Office Hours sessions to talk to Atlassian experts and get advice:


October 4th


If you’re unable to attend Office Hours,…

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7 tips for creating award-winning apps


1. Think about the audience

“Our research shows previous Codegeist entrants that engaged in a more user-centric way of generating ideas had more success (made more money!) than those who didn't consider the user need.”

~ Caitlin McCurrie, Ph.D., Lead Researcher, Atlassian


2. Allow yourself time to dream

A hackathon can be your chance to try approaches you might not attempt in your day-to-day work. Have fun experimenting and learning!

If you don’t yet have that inspiration, “Just find the public issue tracker for the product you want to build on top of… it’s a gold mine of…

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Check out prizes you can win

Sure, building cool software solutions is rewarding, but prizes make everything better! Here’s a reminder of what eligible participants can win:


Overall Prizes:

First Place (1 per category, 3 total): $20,400 USD, virtual meeting with the Atlassian R&D teams, invitation for two to a future in-person Atlassian event, blog post feature

Second Place (1 per category, 3 total): $13,400 USD, blog post feature, set of Oculus VR headsets (up to 4)

Third Place (1 per category): $12,500 USD, blog post feature

Fourth Place (1 per category): $7,500 USD

Honorable mentions (15): $5,000 USD


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Form a team or check out available resources

The Atlassian’s Developer Community is the perfect place to connect and learn — not only can you bounce ideas off each other and ask other developers for technical help, you can also ask the Atlassian team questions related to Forge. 


 Teaming up

Looking for a challenge team? 

  1. Head to the Participants tab; you’ll be able to add information about yourself, set your team settings, and highlight the skills you’re looking for in a teammate!
  2. Search for other developers looking for teammates using the filters, check out their skills and message them using the “Request team-up” feature.



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Get ready, get set, Codegeist!

Forge the future of teamwork - Codegeist 2022 is live!


Codegeist, Atlassian’s annual developer hackathon, is now open. Compete with thousands of developers from across the globe to build solutions for IT, DevOps, or Business teams in hopes of winning BIG with $300,000 in cash prizes.



Deciding what to build?

Check out the Codegeist 2021: Deciding What To Build video