Get Set Up

⦿ Atlassian Cloud Developer License

⦿ Getting Started documentation


Developer Tools

⦿ Building with Forge 

⦿ Getting Started 

 ⦿ See what's new on Forge


Technical Resources

⦿ Platform Concepts documentation

⦿ Forge Tutorials


Get Help

⦿ Join the Atlassian Developer Community - Use the tag Codegeist2022 to make sure your technical questions are viewable to everyone participating



⦿ DevOps apps in the marketplace

⦿ IT apps in the marketplace

⦿ Business apps in the marketplace

⦿ Codegeist blog post

This is just a small collection to get you started!


App Marketplace

⦿ Marketplace Overview

⦿ Listing Forge Apps in the Marketplace

⦿ Distributing apps for testing

Not required for the hackathon