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about 1 year ago

Amazing work!

Thank you all for participating in Codegeist 2022! 

It is amazing to see all of the great projects you built with Atlassian’s Forge platform. We have started reviewing projects and are already wowed with the creativity and effort. 

The review team is hard at work checking project requirements. After this review the judges will start the difficult task of scoring your projects starting November 3rd. To kick this off, we would like to introduce you all to some of our esteemed Judges.

Tim Pettersen, Head of Developer Experience

Allyce Mardesich, Head of Marketplace Partnerships

Caitlin McCurrie, Research manager, Economy Demand, Ecosystem/Supply

Shana Rusonis, Global Marketing Leader, Ecosystem

Lucy Gregory, Group Manager, Strategy and Business Operations, Atlassian Economy

Colin Chauvet, Head of Engineering, Ecosystem Platform

Tristan Rubadeau Principal Product Manager

Grace Kraus, Head of Experience Design

Thank you again for being a part of Codegeist 2022! All eligible submissions will be considered for Swag and will receive an email on or before November 21 with next steps.

Best of luck to all of you!