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7 months ago

Code sharing requirement change

Some important changes to the requirements!

Your project’s entire code repository is now optional. Please still submit a repository, but it’s up to you as to what that repository contains. You can choose to include all of your app’s code, or your code with sensitive portions redacted, or just a Manifest, or a describing your app’s general approach, or whatever you would like our judges to judge. 

NEW REQUIREMENT: Your app installation link. 

We now require an install link so that the review team and judges can test your app and verify it meets the eligibility criteria. The Devpost submission form is now updated to collect this.

To create this link, follow instructions to Start sharing your app and copy the installation link into Step 4 of the Devpost submission form.

Please be sure to update your submission and finish everything before Oct 31, 2022 @ 5:00pm EDT.

Fix it now! 

Best of luck!