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about 1 month ago

Maximize your potential prize!

There are more opportunities to win in this hackathon beyond the categories…

10 X Feedback Prizes of $1,000 USD 

10 X Storytelling Prizes of $1,000 USD 

5 X Marketplace Prizes of $1,000 USD 

4 Best of Region Prizes of $5,000 (one per region) 

Up to 400 Atlassian Developer Swag Packs  

You can win up to 1 Swag Pack and either a Feedback or Storytelling prize. Your project can win up to 1 Grand Prize and either a Marketplace or Regional prize. 

That is a total of 4 prizes! But you need to put in the work. Here’s the deal:

  • By submitting an eligible project to the hackathon, you’re eligible to win one participation prize (swag pack), up to one Grand prize, and either a Marketplace or Regional prize. The marketplace prize requires that you submit the project to the marketplace
  • If you submit a feedback and storytelling submission, you’re eligible to win one of those prizes. The storytelling submission requires that you submit an eligible project

Full details about these prizes, how to submit, how to be eligible, etc. are explained at a highlevel here: 

Best of luck!