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about 2 months ago

Don’t Miss Out! Global Office Hours TODAY

Do you have any questions? Join us today - there are just a few weeks left to enter your submission to the Codegeist 2022.


If you haven't started a submission yet, please do so now. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. You can submit today and edit any time before the deadline
  2. Make sure all of your teammates are invited and have accepted their invitations to join your submission
  3. Your project will only be submitted if you complete and save each step in the submission form and click the ‘Submit project’ button before the deadline


 Submission checklist: 

Run through this list before you complete your project:

  • Are you creating a Cloud app using Atlassian’s Forge platform?
    • Does your app fall under one of the following categories: Apps for DevOps Teams | Apps for IT Teams | Apps for Business Teams?
  • Have you created a 3-minute submission video? Is your video public, easy to understand, and shows your app working?
  • Did you provide a link to your code repository? If it’s private, have you provided access to and


 What about the Bonus Prizes?

Feedback Submission:

  • Did you submit a Jira ticket here and label it ‘codegeist2022’?
  • Did you include detailed and actionable feedback that the Forge team can use (e.g. bug reports, UI improvements, suggested integrations)?


Storytelling Submission:

  • Did you submit an eligible project to Codegeist 2022?
  • Did you submit a story using this form: storytelling form?
  • Did you provide insight on your hackathon experience, a technical tutorial, or anything that the Atlassian developer community may enjoy?


Marketplace Submission:

  • Did you submit an eligible project to Codegeist 2022?
  • Did you submit your app to the Atlassian Marketplace before October 31 at 5PM ET?
  • Did you use the Marketing Label Codegeist2022 when creating your Marketplace submission?
  • Did you include the link to your Marketplace submission Jira ticket when filling out the Devpost submission form?


For additional details on eligibility and requirements, see the rules — good luck!


Submissions are due October 31 by 5PM ET.