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over 1 year ago

Final call for submissions

Only 3 days left to enter your submission to Atlassian Codegeist 2022! 

Submissions are due October 31 at 5 PM ET. 

Submit today!

Don’t forget these commonly missed submission requirements:

  • Provide access to test your app (for example an installation link or access to a test instance). To create an installation link, follow the instructions to Start sharing your app.
  • Provide a URL to your Project code repository for judging and testing within your Submission. Access must be given by making your Project code repository public or by giving access to:
    • and (GitHub)
    • and (Bitbucket)
      Your repository is NOT required to contain your full codebase - you may redact all or part of your code. Your repository should contain what you wish the judges to consider when evaluating your work.
  • Make your video publicly viewable — adjust the privacy settings to ensure there are no playback errors
  • Provide details about why you chose the category best suited to your app

Best of luck — we can’t wait to see what you’ve built.