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10 months ago

What’s next for your Codegeist app?

By entering your Codegeist app, your journey has only just begun.

The sooner you take the next step and submit your app on the Atlassian Marketplace, the sooner you can impact the way teams work together and earn some $ as an added bonus. You’ve already done the heavy lifting of building your app, so why stop there?

Read on to find out how to:

  • Gain extra customer attention on your Codegeist app

  • Submit your app to the Atlassian Marketplace

  • Learn more about how to establish yourself as a Marketplace partner

Start gaining customer attention.

Have your app published on the Marketplace by November 8th, and you'll automatically be entered for Codegeist Customers' Choice Award voting on the Atlassian Customer Community in November. Each app is reviewed by a Marketplace support team member before being publicly listed. Review time can vary depending on the current number of submissions. Typically you should hear from a support member in 5-10 business days. We recommend submitting your app as soon as possible to allow time for feedback and review.

We'll create a list of all Codegeist apps published on the Marketplace by November 8th and invite the Atlassian customer community to weigh in on their favorite ideas. This is a great way to create some buzz around your app and make your successful debut in the Marketplace. We’ll tally up the results from customer comments and the top 3 winners will get some swag, exposure and customer recognition!

If that sounds exciting, then we are here to help you get started with the steps below.

Embark on your journey towards entrepreneurship. 

Once your app is ready to ship, go ahead and submit it for Marketplace approval, (it’s a quick form, we promise). Follow the steps below to submit your app:

  1. Log in to with your partner account.

  2. Click Manage vendor account from the profile menu in the upper right.

  3. Register your organization and contact details.

  4. Click Create vendor.

  5. Fill out this submission form to publish a new app.

  6. At the end of the form Accept the Marketplace Partner Agreement.

  7. Submit your app for approval. For paid via Atlassian apps, supply your bank account details in your Partner account to receive remittances. This includes your bank name, address, account numbers, tax ID, and other information.

Don’t go it alone. Arm yourself with our tips and tricks to succeed.

Bookmark these guides on how to list and sell your apps and join our supportive developer community, so you always have resources to guide you along the way.

Note: Apps are reviewed on a first come, first serve basis, and review times may be impacted by the number of apps in the review queue. We cannot guarantee that all entries submitted before November 8th will be published in the Marketplace at the time the Community post goes live. Have questions about the review process? See our New Partner FAQ.