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about 1 year ago

8/3 Panel discussion with insights for what NOT to build

To support your app planning and building, Atlassian is hosting a live discussion providing you with more inspiration and insights. Join leading Marketplace Partners, Appfire and 55 Degrees, for an honest, inspiring discussion around developing apps in a hackathon environment. What works, what to avoid — there will be plenty of lessons learned from many years of experience among the panelists. Make sure to save your spot by signing up for the Zoom event ahead of time.

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Wait! There’s more…

From now until September 22nd, we’re also collecting feedback to help the Atlassian team continually improve the experience for developers working with Forge AND stories from participants. Learn how to submit and what is eligible here.

Up to 10 of the submissions for Most Valuable Feedback will receive $2,000 & up to 10 submissions for Most Valuable Storytelling will receive $1,000.