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9 months ago

Forge Top 100 Winners List

Hi Codegeist Devs!

Devpost had a little snag with the Top 100 Forge App prize paperwork last week. (Technology, am I right?!) We reached out to everyone with submissions in the Top 100 but wanted to list them out here for visibility. Congrats to everyone!

Absence Tracker JIRA joke bot
AI Insights for Jira Service Desk Jira Risk (Forge)
App Store Currency Lookup Widget Jira search for Alfred
Approve Pages Jira Toxicity Warning
Atlassian Forge Webhook Macro for Confluence Linguistics information for JIRA
AutoQuiz Link Shortener Macro
Banners for Confluence Cloud LMS App (Learning Management System)
Bitbucket Activity Board Memory Master for Confluence - AI powered quizzing
Blogring MendelFields
Bountify Mermaid Diagrams for Confluence
Bug search from JIRA Motivapp
Canned Search for Confluence My Issue Notes
CodeFlow Page Activities
Comala Checklists for Confluence - Forge Page Information macro
Comala Read Confirmations - Forge Page View Counter for Confluence
Confluence Jira checklist Predictions for Jira
Confluence Text Analytics Profanity Checker
Confluence Word Counter Prototyper - Create Prototypes in your Jira Issue
Countdown Timer for Confluence Cloud Random Splash
Covid Stats Rate My Page
Create Confluence Page Read In Shorts
Create Page from Content for Confluence Read Time - Confluence Byline Item
Crowdsourced Intelligence Regos Jira Toolkit
Current Time Related Tickets for Jira
Customfield Pack Remote Requester
Days Left Timer for Confluence Requirements Checker
Deep Linked Issues for Jira Scrum Maister
Developer Bookclub Sentiment Analysis - understand emotion and sentiment
Diagrammer - Create diagrams in your Jira Issue Sentimental
Equation Macro Simple Checklists For Jira
Face Detect Simple Planning Poker
FLOW For Jira Simple Polls For Confluence
Forge Customizable Ratings Sketch2Code Forge App
Forge Insert Image Slack Officebot App Admin Forge Macro app
Forge Jira Chart SmartRadarlytics
Forge-Unsplash Stock Ticker
Glossary Helper Stock Tracker
Goal Setter Summarization
Google Knowledge Graph for Confluence Text2Image
Image Magnet This Issue is Ancient!
Image-To-Text Tic tac toe for Confluence
Instant Wiki - an automated reference section for Confluence TimeLoc
Integration with ConnectWise Manage for Confluence Cloud To do Forge issue panel app for Jira
Intelligent Inventories Transition 2
Issue Dependency Tracker Visualize with AWS (Atlassian Forge)
Issue Participants for Jira VScode Forge snippets extension
Issue Time in Status What's New
Issues Security for Jira Who Is The Team Aauthority (WITTA)
Jira Issue Analyzer Word Cloud
Jira Issue Progress Workplace Connector for Confluence



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.