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Idea thread?

If you're not concerned about someone stealing your idea or if you have lots of alternative ideas that you don't necessarily want to work on maybe share them here to give someone else something to work on :D


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    Hey Ryan - looks like no one is sharing their ideas... yet. :) I would start by thinking about what you wish our products did for you. Or challenges your team has at work. Many people are building integrations - taking an online service they love that they wished integrated with HipChat, Bitbucket, JIRA, or Confluence. Other devs are customizing our products for particular types of teams. Think about the needs of software teams, IT teams, HR teams, finance teams, etc. If you'd like to discuss your project more join us in our public HipChat room here: http://bit.ly/codegeist-chat.

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    Here are the top voted feature requests from Atlassian customers:

  • Manager   •   almost 4 years ago

    Here are a few more ideas...

    1) Write an Atlassian Connect addon that will notify you when a certain JQL query is met:
    Maybe write this as an extension to My Reminders.

    2) Mark an issue as resolved when all of its sub issues are resolved:

    4) Contact group. The idea here is that anybody in the instance can send an email to any group on the instance.

    5) Component watcher for cloud, letting you add users and groups as watchers to a component. This could be a fun project to tackle. https://answers.atlassian.com/questions/24651276/component-watcher-for-ondemand-jira

    6) HipChat Addon that alerts customers when certain words are spoken.

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    Hey there Codegeist participants - we brainstormed a list of ideas for integrations for Bitbucket for you to consider if you're having trouble coming up with one. Happy coding!

    Paypal/bitcoin integration to donate to projects
    Markdown editor + preview file viewer
    Sonar, checkstyle, static analysis
    Twilio notifications
    Minecraft mod deployment
    3d printer integration
    Gamification, badges
    Suggest reviewers
    Instant wallboards
    Spotify integration
    Fork network diagram
    Visual punchcards
    Last 100 actions at user level
    Bitbucket API to export charts
    Bitbucket embeddable widgets
    Issue creation by email
    Enhanced notification for Bitbucket
    3D STL viewer
    integration with IFTTT
    Project insights through Maven - dependency viewer, stale dependencies, readme generation
    visual diff - diff.io
    monitoring via new relic, kibana
    LeanPub - inline rendering of the pdf, preview

  • Manager   •   almost 4 years ago

    We just did a quick survey with some Atlassian users. Below are the add-on ideas they shared. #9 might be a little difficult. :)

    1. A facebook chat-like widget that can display HipChat conversations in JIRA right from the main toolbar

    2. Full Yammer feed integration

    3. I really love Keyboard-Shortcuts. If an add-on could provide tons of shortcuts it would be helpful.

    4. An add-on to play music right in a HipChat channel would be nice.

    5. Add-ons that move configuration from Test to Prod. Sort of like the project configurator in JIRA but we need similar, better add-ons for all apps. Would be life saver for Admins!

    6. I'd love to see a code review tool integrated on BitBucket with IDE-capabilities that would allow us to check the changes, suggest, have feedback and take the build status from it.

    7. A JIRA/Tempo to Dynamics GP integration would be awesome. We wrote our own to get the time to Dynamices CRM, but it would be awesome to get JIRA time to other accounting platforms more seamlessly.

    8. PCI/Auditing Plugin that would better arrange JIRA's built in history, as well as the ability to create confluence documentation off of a select Release version, in a certain pattern(blueprint).

    9. JIRA mind reading helmet, just pull the issues straight out of my head, no need to type. At the very least this should be an April fools video.

    10. "One click archive" for JIRA projects. Auditing (who did what) in Crowd. And for a "far-fetched-not-so-far-fetched" one: voice commands in JIRA! ("OK JIRA...Create Bug").

    11. Meme contests for HipChat - allows you to have a "no memes" day and an "all memes" day, check the meme-to-text ratio for each user, and then have people rate their overall happiness for the day. The users with the best ratios (assuming all-meme-day has the highest satisfaction) can be awarded special prizes :)

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    Here are a couple more ideas from our users:

    1. One-touch JIRA project migration between environments. I have tried many of the third-party options and nothing gets the job done cleanly that I have seen so far.

    2. An add-on for making add-on's easy. An add-on builder.

    3. JIRA project templates would be incredibly nice -- I have to create new projects from scratch and one or two missed settings and the follow up requests for help just won't stop...

    4. An add-on which allows you to use unique versions across multiple projects to rollup releases, so that you don't have to use 1 project in JIRA and release out of that.

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    Here's a few more from customers:

    1. Confluence Cloud theming add-on with static caching and serving of blog posts (or even entire pages and space navigation elements). Aka, Confluence as the CMS for people to create content, transformation of displayed pages and navigation, then served out of the add-on's nginx or CDN or similar. *A challenge today is that the display website url will be different to the Confluence url - plenty of us would be OK with that if the add-on provided hosting of the site.

    2. JIRA Cloud issue export / import add-on. Transform fields as necessary through a mapping template in the middle. Later, add transitions as triggers to "synchronize" issues between projects automatically. This way a user could have an internal and external project with just the right external updates.

    3. JIRA project configurations and screens for business teams and their specific use cases (like JIRA Service Desk but for Legal, Finance, HR, Recruiting, Facilities, Admins / Secretarial Staff, the list could go on.

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