•   11 months ago

Level of Judging

Hey Atlassians,
My submission is a Jira-app which generates executable code based on how you describe the programming task in issue title and description.
The logs show me that your judge tested my app with this issue:
- title: Finish Raport 1
- description: Just do it!
"Raport" is Polish for the English word "report".
Is your Judge Polish?
It would be nice if your judges stick to the same high standards you ask from the hackathon projects.

To round up the story, my app was smart enough to figure out the intended meaning and generated a script which matched the specificness of the issue description.

This was the only "judging" interaction I had so far,
I would hate this to be the base for my score.
Thus, please put more effort into the judging process. Not only for my app but for all submissions.
It's only fair considering the effort we put into. (:

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  • Manager   •   11 months ago

    Hello, Thank you for sharing. Please know that we take the entire judging process (review, testing, and scoring) very seriously. We appreciate your feedback.

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