•   about 2 months ago

Can't Find Marketing Tag/Labels During Submission

The rules state "Be sure to use the marketing label Codegeist2022 during the submission process" however, this doesn't appear to be an option when submitting a Confluence app. Is this absolutely essential or will the app still be eligible if this tag is not added to a marketplace submission?


  • Manager   •   about 2 months ago

    Hello! The marketing label should be a question on the final step of the process. There is a screenshot at the bottom of the section linked here: https://codegeist.devpost.com/details/bonusprizes#h_8776144765961659477699848

    Hope this helps and please let me know if it doesn't match the screenshot on the final step of the process for you.

  •   •   about 1 month ago

    Michelle, we didn't include the tag, and we are waiting for the submission since two weeks ago...

    Is it possible to accelerate the submission? Can someone help me to include the tag?

  • Manager   •   about 1 month ago

    Hello! Just posting here to close the loop on this thread as I just posted an answer on the other one. Thanks!

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