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Submitting an app that's already on the Atlassian Marketplace?


we have a Forge app that's already published on the Atlassian Marketplace. Can we submit the app to Codegeist if we develop a major new feature during the hackathon? I'm not sure if this would fall under rule "Project Requirements (iv)":

New & Existing: Projects must be either newly created by the Entrant, not yet published prior to The Hackathon Submission Period, or, if the Project existed prior to the Hackathon Submission Period, must have been updated or rebuilt in the Forge platform after the start of the Hackathon Submission Period.

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    Hi Christian, Yes, it is allowed if your project is significantly updated after the start of the Hackathon Submission Period. Just be sure to highlight the work done for the hackathon in your project submission. Best of luck!

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