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Feedback Submissions

In https://codegeist.devpost.com/rules there is such a requirement

Feedback Submissions: To be considered for the Most Valuable Feedback bonus prizes, participants must be registered for the hackathon on Devpost and submit a Jira ticket that is tagged Codegeist 2021 with product feedback to https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=749&projectKey=FRGE. Feedback must be submitted prior to the Feedback Submission Period deadline and must include actionable feedback that Atassian can use to improve the product (for example, bug reports, user interface improvements, suggested integrations, and more). Feedback Submissions will NOT be eligible for any additional prizes.

Can you please explain this part - Feedback Submissions will NOT be eligible for any additional prizes.

For example, I am going to post one submission to hackaton - Forge Project XXX
Does it mean, that if I will create Feedback submission for Forge Project XXX - it will be automatically skipped from all additional prizes?
And if I will have some idea for Forge Improvement - I will need to submit separate submission just to demonstrate it?

Thanks. Andrew

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  • Manager   •   12 months ago

    Hi Andrew!

    I think I follow your question, but if my answer doesn't cover it please let me know:

    The submission of feedback through the Jira ticket is itself only eligible for the feedback prizes. This means you cannot win First, Second, Third, etc. in the categories for Forge app submissions. Feedback is only eligible for feedback cash prizes. Forge apps that you submit through the Devpost submission form (if eligible, complete, etc.) are up for the First, Second, Third, etc. cash prizes. You can enter more than one submission of any kind, but the caveats are only around how many prizes you can win:

    - The same Entry can win up to one Category and one Bonus Prize.
    - The same Maker can submit multiple unique Entries.
    - The same Maker can only win one Participation Prize, one Storytelling Prize, and one Feedback Prize no matter how many Entries.
    - Participation Prize swag packs are available to the first 500 Makers who submit an Eligible Entry (limit 4 swag packs per Entry)

    Think of it as three submission types: Forge App submissions, Forge Feedback submissions, and Forge Storytelling submissions. The app submissions are obviously the most labor-intensive so they are up for the bigger prizes. Does that help?


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