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Story Telling Format

Hi, I am wondering what are the acceptable story telling formats to be eligible for Most Valuable StoryTelling prize? I am considering making a video to submit for this.

In the submission requirements, there is no indication of what format (blog post, video etc) that will be considered for submission. However in the Prizes section, it is stated that "All Eligible Guest Blog Post Submissions (see details in Submission Requirements above)", does that mean that only blog post are accepted?


  • Manager   •   12 months ago

    Hi Zhi!

    Sorry for the delay, I just wanted to confirm before I replied. There isn't a specific format so a video would be acceptable! Just make sure it's hosted on YouTube or Vimeo publicly so the team can access it easily. It can be 'unlisted' but hosted instead of an attached file would be ideal for a video format.


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    Private user   •   12 months ago

    Noted. Thanks Stefanie!

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