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Submission by organisation


We plan to submit as an organisation. Reading the 'rules' is not exactly clear what would be the easiest way - if there is any way- to attribute the people behind the submission? Seems that in the case that we will win a prize then each team member (if we mention them as such) will have to complete various eligibility and tax related forms, despite the fact that the prize goes to the organisation. Can you explain how you view this and if there is a way to credit teams of organisations without that extra paperwork?


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    Hey Rina!

    Good question. If a winning submission is on behalf of an organization, then the lead submitter will have to fill out an affidavit and provide a tax form for the organization because we would pay the prize to the org.

    Any additional team members/coworkers added to the submission will have to complete an affidavit that states they agree that they are eligible individuals and that the prize is going to the organization.

    So for your question about adding them, I would advise you to add anyone who helped work on the project so that they, too, can get credit on the site. If your org has more people that didn't work on it, then you don't need to include them as teammates.

    Did that make sense? Let me know if you have more questions!


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    Stefanie, thanks for the detailed answer.

    just to clarify- the additional team members will not need to provide a tax form if the prize goes to the organisation. Correct?

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    @Stefanie, I am not sure if you have seen my last comment?

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    Hey! Correct. Only the team leader and/or the organization have to provide tax forms. Everyone on the submission need to sign an affidavit, though, if you win.

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