8/30 Submission Content Review

Here’s an opportunity to get some early feedback on your written submission. 

Complete the written portion to about 75% before 8/30 and let us know you’d like some feedback on your text, video, and other materials. Our team will send you some notes by 9/6, so you still have 2 weeks to work on finalizing your entry before the Sept 13 deadline. 

Please note: 

  • We will not review code or give advice on improving the application itself. 
  • We do not guarantee that making the changes will result in a better score or a winning submission. 
  • We will review as many as we can on business days, but will also review in the order received. No guarantee we can see them all!
  • We will aim to review everyone who enters before 8/30 at least once so everyone gets a chance. If time allows, we will review submissions a second time.

8/11 Developer Community Events dedicated to Codegeist participants

Choose a time when you can join us to ask your app development and Forge-specific questions. 

8/3 Panel Discussion: What to build for Codegeist

We have organized a special event for Codegeist registered participants!

Our live panel had an open conversation among successful Atlassian Marketplace Partners. They shared their lessons learned as participants in years of hackathons and career developers of successful apps in the Atlassian ecosystem. Watch the recording: