Codegeist 2021 is offering two extra opportunities to win cash prizes for providing quality feedback to Atlassian on the Forge development platform and for blog-post quality content submissions.

Feedback & Storytelling Submission Period: July 12, 2021 (10:00 am ET) – September 22, 2021 (10:00 am ET)

How to enter a feedback submission:

  • Submit a Jira ticket here and label it “codegeist2021” before September 22, 2021 (10:00am ET)
  • The feedback must include actionable feedback that the Forge team can use to improve the product (for example, bug reports, user interface improvements, suggested integrations, and more)
  • Feedback will be judged based on completeness, viability, and potential impact of the feedback.


  • You must be an eligible individual that is registered for the hackathon on Devpost to participate. 

  • Most Valuable Feedback prizes of $2,000 USD will go to the top 10 feedback providers. 

  • See the rules for details.

How to enter a storytelling submission:

  • Submit your content as either an attached document on your hackathon submission OR if submitting after the app deadline, submit your document using this form.
  • The post should cover your experience with the hackathon, a technical tutorial, or anything the Atlassian developer community may enjoy. 
  • Guidelines: Stories can be any length and can include other media (videos, screenshots, code samples or diagrams). You can even use a well-written Devpost submission text description if you submit a copy as an attached document. See these examples (1, 2, 3) from the Atlassian Developer Blog for inspiration.


  • You must have submitted a Forge-built application into the Codegeist 2021 hackathon.
  • Content can be submitted with the Forge app on the Devpost submission form prior to the September 13th deadline OR through a form that will be provided between September 14th and the September 22nd deadline.
  • Storytelling submissions may be published by Atlassian for up to 12 months after the winners are announced.
  • Most Valuable Storytelling prizes of $1,000 USD will go to the top 10 story providers.